The Management Board of Northern Data AG, Frankfurt am Main, passed a resolution on January 28, 2021, to call the outstanding bonds of the aforementioned convertible bond due to insignificance of the outstanding nominal amount pursuant to Section 3 (2) of the bonds’ terms and conditions as of March 15, 2021, and announced this pursuant to the bonds’ terms and conditions. Below we summarize some typical questions that may arise for our shareholders and bondholders in this context:

  • Until when can the bonds still be exchanged for shares? Conversion is no longer possible
  • What about my interest accrued since the last interest payment on February 15, 2021? Upon repayment, accrued interest since the last interest payment on February 15, 2021 will of course also be paid, with the interest period ending at the start of the date on which the bonds fall due for repayment.
  • Can I still increase my current holding of bonds in order to then obtain more shares by exercising my conversion right? In principle, you can still increase your holding, but no possibility exists of conversion by the repayment date.
  • Can I still exercise my conversion now? No, until the repayment date there is no exercise period in accordance with the terms and conditions of the bond.
  • Do I have to give my bank an order to exercise the conversion right, or does this happen automatically? No conversion is possible at this time.

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