• YTD 2021 Northern Data generated:
    • 20,812 green1 ETH (for own account)
    • 405 BTC (for own account)
    • 61 BTC (3rd party) out of profit-sharing
  • In November 2021 Northern Data generated:
    • 5,940 green1 ETH (for own account)
    • 159 BTC (for own account)
    • 44 BTC (3rd party) out of profit-sharing
  • Northern Data had 17,000 ASIC miners online (thereof 6,200 for hosting customers) end of Nov’21
  • As projected 1.7 Exahashes for BTC mining online end of November
  • 17,000 miners currently online, representing 15% of the 110,000 miners (contractually secured) to be operated by Northern Data at the end of 2022.
  • Gigabyte server roll-out completed with 223,000 GPUs (this implies 12.7 Terahashes) being online for Altcoin Mining end of November
  • Guidance FY2021 confirmed based on operational performance and projected hardware sales

Frankfurt am Main – 02 December 2021 – Northern Data AG (XETRA: NB2, ISIN: DE000A0SMU87 / ISIN DE000A3E5EZ5), the leading value generator for HPC infrastructure solutions, today provided a year-to-date operations update for 2021.

CEO Aroosh Thillainathan: “We are pleased to provide the first operations update for our mining business since we acquired Decentric and Bitfield. On this basis, we hereby confirm our guidance for FY2021 with revenues of EUR 180-220 million and EBITDA of EUR 100-125 million. If you look at the operational numbers for November 2021 alone, you can see the amount of high-performance compute power that is already online in our data centers. We will continue at this level and significantly increase the number of ASIC miners as planned. The implementation of our roll-out plan is well underway.”

Detailed Operations Overview year-to-date 2021:

Bitcoin Mining (for own account and 3rd party)

ASICs BTC generated Hashrate
September 7,000 122 0.8 EH
October 15,000 141 1.5 EH
November 17,000 203 1.7 EH
YTD 2021 17,000 466 1.7 EH

Altcoin Mining (for own account)

GPUs ETH generated Hashrate
August 120,000 3,110 6.8 TH
September 170,000 5,606 9.7 TH
October 200,000 6,156 11.4 TH
November 223,000 5,940 12.7 TH
YTD 2021 223,000 20,812 12.7 TH

1 Based on almost exclusively renewable energy.
2 Takeover Bitfield took place in September 2021.

Northern Data_Operations Update November 2021


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