General Meeting

Extraordinary General Meeting 2023


The Extraordinary General Meeting of Northern Data AG will be held on Monday, 12 June 2023, starting at 10.00 a.m. (CEST).

The Annual General Meeting will be held as a virtual Annual General Meeting without the physical presence of shareholders or their proxies (with the exception of the proxies appointed by the Company).

For duly registered shareholders and their proxies, the entire Annual General Meeting, including any speeches, the answering of questions and the voting, will be broadcast live in sound and vision on the password-protected internet service.

Via the password-protected internet service, duly registered shareholders (or their proxies) can, among other things, follow the virtual Annual General Meeting live in video and audio and, in accordance with the procedures provided for this purpose, can

  • exercise their voting rights by electronic absentee voting,
  • grant, amend or revoke a power of attorney to a third party or a power of attorney with instructions to the Company’s proxies,
  • submit comments on the agenda items in text form or in video format by electronic communication by midnight (CEST) on June 6, 2023,
    from the start of the Annual General Meeting, register to speak via the virtual request table and subsequently exercise the right to speak; the right to speak also includes in particular the right to submit motions and nominations pursuant to Art. 118a par. 1 sentence 2 no. 3 AktG and the right to request information pursuant to Art. 131 par. 1 AktG; and
  • declare an objection to a resolution of the Annual General Meeting for the record during the Annual General Meeting


Unless it is permissible in exceptional cases to refrain from making them available in accordance with section 130a (3) sentence 4 AktG, comments received on the agenda items will be made available on the password-protected internet service no later than four days before the Annual General Meeting, i.e. no later than midnight (CEST) on June 7, 2023.


The personal access data required for this will be sent to shareholders or their proxies after registration for the Annual General Meeting. Persons other than registered shareholders or their proxies cannot follow the Annual General Meeting on the internet.
In the event of subsequent (sub)authorization, the following applies: The use of the password-protected internet service by the proxy requires that the proxy receives the relevant access data.

Please note that all documents are in German language


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